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Contact Person: Ricardo Teixeira, CFP®


BDO Wealth Advisers offers a full range of wealth advisory and financial planning services to individuals, trusts and companies.

South Africans choose BDO Wealth Advisers for our reputation of building long-lasting relationships; the depth of knowledge and experience within our whole team, and our capacity to help them:

  • Organise their finances and fully understand their portfolio.
  • Stay accountable for achieving their financial and life goals.
  • Access objective guidance and expert advice.
  • Be proactive about decisions that will impact their future.
  • Feel empowered with knowledge about their finances.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live the life they want. We can help you get there.



BDO Wealth Advisers work with individuals, companies, trustees and families who are able and willing to pay professional fees for professional advice.

We focus on clients and families that require holistic wealth management advice across all their personal, business and trust assets.



BDO Wealth Advisers partners with our clients to help them get the most out of their money. The BDO Financial Planner journeys with the family through their personal and professional life transitions ensuring that good decisions are taken where life and wealth intersect.

We start by understanding what’s important to our clients – their history, principles and goals.

The BDO Financial Planner will then recommend strategies and actions that will get the family to live the life they want to live with the money they have.

We coach them through any financial concerns or challenges and offer advice and expert insights where we see opportunities.

We help with all aspects of managing their finances, from tax and insurance management to cash flow planning and managing your investments.



Professionalism is easiest defined by referencing a quality standard such as the practice standards established by the FPI. Quality standards are the foundation of professionalism.

In addition, at BDO we value authenticity and honesty as core principles that guide our engagement with our clients. A commitment to high ethical standards, having honest and frank conversations with clients and being dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dreams allows us to be successful as professional financial planners.



BDO charges fees for service. Depending on the advisory service provided, there would be either a once-off fee for engagement or a recurring advisory fee for ongoing guidance and advice.

Fees are quoted through an engagement letter and service level agreement.



Our full range of services are explained in detail on our website: www.bdowealth.co.za but summarized below:

  • Financial Planning
  • Trust Administration
  • Wealth Legal Advice, including Estate Planning
  • Employee Benefits and Healthcare
  • Deceased Estate Administration



BDO Wealth Advisers annually focus on the following projects/initiatives:

  • Talking Trusts: a series with a focus on trustees and their fiduciary responsibility for administering trust assets, we launched these webinars and podcasts in 2020 covering a range of topics and practical considerations.
  • UJ Trusted Adviser: (since 2016) our contribution and support to developing South Africa’s Certified Financial Planning professionals of the future.
  • Financial Literacy eBook launched every year during Global Financial Planning Week, where we get practical about money and wealth.
  • Trainee Financial Planner Program: launched in 2017, we introduced a 2-year training program for BCom Financial Planning graduates to pursue a career as a CFP® Professional.
  • We also frequently record and host various workshops to educate the general public on matters that are important to their financial wellbeing: a few examples are our Wills workshop, retirement planning workshop and our employee benefits member education workshop.

Visit our website (www.bdowealth.co.za) and click on “Wealth Insights” to download our eBooks or listen to our webinars, workshop and podcast recordings.

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